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In March of 2003, Fidelity Title Company was the first title company in Michigan to administer a 100% paperless closing. The note was transmitted electronically and the mortgage was recorded electronically. The customer used a special stencil and signed a special flat table top monitor. The notarization was done by a special card reader.

Unfortunately, although all of the technology is in place, the lending industry has not embraced it.

In 2004, Fidelity Title Company launched our “Paperless Closer Program”, which allows 24/7 internet integration between our clients and Fidelity Title Company’s internal title processing software.

“Paperless Closer”, allow our clients to very efficiently manage their closings by allowing them to:

  1. Order online
  2. Track the status of all of their files in one location
  3. View and print documents
  4. Send notes to the file for all participants to view
  5. Submit documents from their hard drive to ours and
  6. Review all receipts and disbursements by Fidelity Title Company

“Paperless Closer” and Fidelity Title Company will take you and your clients to the highest technological level for title services in Michigan – namely, “the ability to close transactions effortlessly.”

Fidelity Title Company offers a true paperless environment - one that eliminates: 1) faxes, 2) copies and, 3) the movement of paper through the transaction.

You and your clients can revisit any closed file at any time 24/7, even years after the closing.

And in case you’re worried about security, the “Paperless Closer” program includes password protection and firewalls. Upon request, we can deny the buyer access to the seller’s documents and vice-versa.

All you need to remember is our web address: www.fidelitytitlecompany.com/paperless and your assigned user ID and password, to have access to your files at Fidelity Title Company.

A tutorial demo is available at our website, or a representative of Fidelity Title Company will gladly give one to you and/or your staff by telephone or in person.

Fidelity Title Company, Bingham Farms, MI
32100 Telegraph Road, Suite 215
Bingham Farms, MI  48025
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